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Master Program in Biostatistics


The Master Program in Biostatistics of the University of Zurich is a specialized master program, i.e., potential students come from very diverse backgrounds. Therefore, every application will in a first step be evaluated by the admission committee. Depending on the student’s background the admission committee decides that the candidate is recommended for one of the following three possibilities:

  1. Admission without additional requirements: The student will be able to start the program immediately.
  2. Admission with additional requirements as detailed in the prerequisites. The additional courses have to be passed within the time granted for the master’s study. If these requirements are not fulfilled, no degree will be awarded.
  3. No admission

In a second step those applicants who have been selected by the admission committee submit their documents to the Admissions Office of the University of Zurich. In this step degrees and documents will be formally evaluated before registration, hence only for this step certified copies are necessary and an application fee is required.