Supplement A of "Power-law models for infectious disease spread"

by Sebastian Meyer and Leonhard Held

University of Zurich

This bundle contains the animations referenced in Section 4 of our paper entitled "Power-law models for infectious disease spread",
published in The Annals of Applied Statistics 8 (2014), no. 3, 1612-1639, DOI:10.1214/14-AOAS743 [pdf].

Functions to produce such animations are available in the R package surveillance. The animations have been embedded into HTML pages by the saveHTML() function of the animation package.

The full bundle of animations can also be downloaded as a zip-archive: (53 MB)

Software: A software guide for the spatio-temporal analysis of epidemic phenomena using the R package surveillance is available as arXiv:1411.0416 and will appear in the Journal of Statistical Software.

Supplement B is an extra document, where we provide details on likelihood inference in both modelling frameworks, and elaborate on the integration of radially symmetric functions over polygons. It also contains additional figures and tables of the power-law models for IMD and influenza.