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Master Program in Biostatistics



Legally binding are the Framework Academic Regulations (Rahmenordnung) and the Academic Regulations (Studienordnung) of the Faculty of Science available here (in German only).

Study guide

The study guide elaborates on the technical structure and the admission process (in English only), most of its content is also on this website. Version Fall 2018.

Student opinion survey

Results of November 2016 student opinion survey

Information Sheet and Forms

Information sheets concerning the consulting module and internships

STA490 Statistical Consulting

Internships and STA491 Research Practical in Biostatistics

The following information sheet describes the organisational and administrative procedures for the master thesis, master exam and master degree completion, in particular it explains the purpose of all forms available below.

Information Sheet for Master Thesis, Master Exam and Master Degree Completion (update 4/2020)

Registration for Master Thesis

Report template for Master Thesis in knitR with make and without make.

Personal Declaration

Registration for Master Exam

Note that due to technical reasons there can not be any (mathematical) symbols in the title of the master thesis. Here is a Latex file for an example of a title page for the report: pdftex


A promotional  poster A, poster B and a flyer have been created. If you need printed copies of the promotional material for distribution please contact masterbiostat(at)math.uzh.ch .


Low-resolution versions of the bi-annual report for Fall 2011 to Spring 2013 and tri-annual report for Fall 2013 to Spring 2016.