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Master Program in Biostatistics


The required 90 credit points (CP) have to be gained from compulsory modules (Pflichtmodule), elective modules in statistics/biostatistics (Wahlpflichtmodule, these can in certain cases be in mathematics) and, elective modules in a field of science (Wahlmodule). Note that one CP corresponds to approximately 30 hours of work. The following table shows the detailed minimal requirements.

Compulsory modules:  
- Coursework 34 CP
- Master’s thesis 30 CP
- Master’s exam 3 CP
Elective (statistical) modules 23 CP
Elective modules in a field of application none required since Fall 2020

For a list of Master's theses see here.

The master program Biostatistics (90 CP) can also be combined with any minor (30 CP) from this list, except for Applied Probability and Statistics.