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Master Program in Biostatistics


Reinhard Furrer

Script for the lecture STA120 Introduction to statistics

Script for the lecture STA121 Statistical Modeling

Script for the lecture STA330 Modeling Dependent Data


Leonhard Held

Torsten Hothorn

See personal webpage


Recommended Textbooks

Preparing the necessary R skills we recommend to work through (at least) chapters 1-6 of
Hothorn, T. and Everitt, B.S. (2009). A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R

Books for the prerequisites (for each subtopic one is sufficient):

Thompson, S. P. and Gardner, M. (1998). Calculus Made Easy.
Trench, W.F. (2013). Introduction to Real Analysis

Linear algebra:
Anton, H. and Rorres, C. (2005). Elementary Linear Algebra. Applications Version.
Strang, G. (2005). Introduction to linear algebra.
Beezer, R. (2012). A First Course in Linear Algebra

Devore, J. L. and Berk, K.N. (2011). Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications
Rice, J. (2006). Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis

Grimmett, G. and Stirzaker, D. (2001). Probability and Random Processes.

Textbooks for the compulsory lectures of the program:
Sabanés Bové, D., Held, L. (2014). Applied Statistical Inference

Matthews, J. N. S. (2006). Introduction to Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials.
Pepe, M. (2003). The Statistical Evaluation of Medical Tests for Classification and Prediction.

Fahrmeir, L., Kneib, T. and Lang, S. (2013) Regression: Models, Methods and Applications
Tutz, G. (20012). Regression for Categorical Data

Jewell, N. P. (2004): Statistics for Epidemiology.