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Master Program in Biostatistics


Find out more aboute the specialties of our program below! Further highlights can be found on the Twitter account of the Master Program.

Statistical Consulting Module

In the statistical consulting module our students work on real-world projects selected from the statistical consulting service of the Division of Biostatistics. Supervised by a senior statistician they write a reproducible report and present their results to the clients as well as their fellow students. Through this course, students gain experience in the statistical problems encountered in clinical research and at the same time train their communication and reporting skills. Many of the projects lead to publications.

List of selected projects


Good Statistical Practice

It is very important to us that our students become not only well versed in statistical methodology, but also acquire the technical and communication skills that are important for a good statistician. A particularly important concern is reproducible research. In our compulsory course Good Statistical Practice we teach a varity of topics, such as:

  • R Markdown
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Git
  • Efficient programming
  • Containerization
  • Scientific Writing
  • Presentation skills

Are you interested in learning more about reproducibility? Check out the Center for Reproducible Science.