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Master Program in Biostatistics


The application for the Master Program in Biostatistics at UZH is a two-step procedure:
1) application to the admission committee (no fee, non-legalized copies of documents are sufficient),
2) only if selected by the admission committee: application to the Admissions Office of UZH (application fee, legalized copies or originals are necessary).

First step

To apply to the admission committee of the Master Program in Biostatistics at UZH you need to compile the following documents

  • application form (xls-application form)
  • motivation letter (max. 500 words)
  • complete CV
  • complete set of transcripts and diplomas: non-legalized copies are sufficient in the first step
  • detailed description of all your undergraduate (and graduate) mathematical classes: not only the title but a least a table of contents, ideally with number of total contact hours and as much information as possible on the grading system for international applicants
  • one letter of recommendation (sent directly to masterbiostat(at)math.uzh.ch)
  • finance plan (containing costs vs. income, e.g. using budget sheets from Google Docs)
  • proof of a sufficient level in English: where applicable
  • optional: any additional information that might be relevant for the evaluation of your application (e.g. scientific or technical publications or awards, previous graduate studies, professional experience, reference letters etc.)

Please send your complete application to masterbiostat(at)math.uzh.ch: containing one xls application form and one single pdf file containing all other documents except the letter or recommendation, which should be sent directly from your referee to the same address.

Incomplete applications will not be considered (this does not mean that you need to have final documents from previous degrees). Applications containing more than one pdf file or different types of documents are not accepted.

Applications are expected by September 15 of the previous year for the spring semester and by February 15 of the same year for the fall semester. Single documents that were not available before the application deadline can be filed subsequently. It is recommended to start the program in the fall semester.

Note that the admission committee can only recommend your acceptance for the program to the Admissions Office of the university.

Second step

The final decision about your admission is taken by the Admission Office after checking your documents, see the application form in English for a list of necessary documents and further information. Note again that you can only apply at the Admissions Office of the University of Zurich after you have been selected by the admission committee of the Master Program in Biostatistics and after you have been invited by the Admissions Office to do so. Fees are only payable at this second step of the application process, also the form above is only required at this step.

If you will need a visa in order to enter Switzerland it is important that the entire admission process can be completed in time. Towards this goal it is advantageous to check that you fullfil the language requirements (or that you do/repeat a test in time) and to prepare necessary documents already before being notified by the admission committee.