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Master Program in Biostatistics

List of Master's Theses

  • Gabriel Marie Falconer-Stout, in progress
    Differentiating large mining projects in SSA to produce varying impacts on measured health outcomes,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Lillemor Haibach, in progress
    Diagnostics, implications and handling of collinearity in linear models,  Supervisor: Malgorzata Roos
  • Carolyne Jie Huang, in progress
    A simulation study to quantify successful translation of results from preclinical studies to human trials ,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Zhixuan Li, in progress
    Extending the eggCounts Package for Censored Data Analysis of Anthelmintic Resistance ,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Emanuel Mauch, in progress
    Treatment and survival of older patients with metastatic breast cancer,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Rubens Mita, in progress
    A Bayesian perspective on drug approval,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Roman Stadler, in progress
    Maximum likelihood inference for unstructured Gaussian couples,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Maurice Henri Schneeberger, 2024
    Integrating Explainability in Stroke Outcome Prediction: A Multi-Modal AI Approach Based On Deep Transformation Models,  Supervisor: Beate Sick
  • Georgy Astakhov, 2024
    Sample size calculation: Implementation of different scenarios for the online tool SampleSizeR - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Jonas Raphael Füglistaler, 2023
    Estimating the non-reporting rate of animals used in preclinical research using meta-analytical approaches - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Tudor-Andrei Jumuga, 2023
    Clinical prediction models for rehospitalization using traditional statistics and machine learning,  Supervisor: Ulrike Held
  • Pavel Sirotkin, 2023
    Causal effect of initial opioid dose concentration on clinical outcomes using target trial emulation,  Supervisor: Ulrike Held
  • Lea Rahel Bührer, 2023
    Forecast of nursing cases in the canton of Thurgau until 2040 based on demographic change, nursing level and health characteristics of senior citizens,  Supervisor: Ulrike Held
  • Frederik Philipona, 2023
    Simulation of Spatial Transcriptomic Data,  Supervisor: Mark D. Robinson
  • Lukas Nägeli, 2023
    Differential growth analysis of agricultural Aureobasidium pullulas isolates - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Anouk Petitpierre, 2023
    Fusion of heterogeneous data sources in preclinical research – evaluation of ordinary and weighted least squares regression and a Bayesian hierarchical modeling approach in R and STAN,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Joël Meili, 2023
    Differential gene regulation,  Supervisor: Mark D. Robinson
  • Victoria Katharina Brügger, 2023
    Between- and Within-Person Assessment of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Postprandial Glucose Levels ,  Supervisor: Sabine Rohrmann
  • Johannes Josi, 2023
    Quantifying the uncertainty in the evolution of dolutegravir resistance in the MARISA-DTG model,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Tiziana Errera, 2023
    International Comparison of Treatment and Survival of Elderly Patients with GIST - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Jerome Sepin, 2023
    Assessment of the detrimental effects of collinearity in classical and transformation models - PDF,  Supervisor: Malgorzata Roos
  • Vithersan Somasundaram, 2023
    From a "Spiel Popeye und miss deine Greifkraft" activity to Swiss norms for handgrip strength - PDF,  Supervisor: Malgorzata Roos
  • Stefania Iaquinto, 2022
    Evidence Synthesis Methods in Observational Studies,  Supervisor: Ulrike Held
  • Cornelia Franziska Richter, 2022
    Is vagotomy associated with an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders? Analysis of a nationwide retrospective cohort.,  Supervisor: Sabine Rohrmann
  • Felix Hofmann, 2022
    Covid-19 in Germany: A multivariate analysis of disease spread across time, space and age groups - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Andrea Götschi, 2022
    Selected Properties of Random Recursive Trees and their Destruction,  Supervisor: Beate Sick
  • Georgios Kazantzidis, 2022
    Impacts of collinearity on Classical and Bayesian model choice criteria - PDF,  Supervisor: Malgorzata Roos
  • Thomas Fischer, 2022
    Direct Misspecification Using a Fully Parametrized Generalized Wendland Covariance Function,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Flurina Suter, 2022
    Alcohol Consumption context and association with mortality in Switzerland,  Supervisor: Sabine Rohrmann
  • Klaus Steigmiller, 2022
    Shift-scaleTransformationModels,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Mei Yee Ng, 2022
    A predicitve model to determine future lymphocyte counts and development of lymphopenia in Multiple Sclerosis patients on Dimethyl fumarate,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Peiying Cai, 2022
    Identification of Spatially Variable Genes: An Approach Based on edgeR and Statial Clusters - PDF,  Supervisor: Mark D. Robinson
  • Lisa Hofer, 2022
    Interval Score for Comparison of Confidence Intervals - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Daniel Leibovitz, 2022
    Mixtures of Partially Linear Models with Monotone Shape Constraints - PDF,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Rasha Aktaa, 2021
    Rater training and agreement of ratings in the BIQME study on quality of reporting in biomedical research,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Katrin Petermann, 2021
    Prediction of Functional Outcome After Ischemic Stroke Using Deep and Interpretable Regression Models. - PDF,  Supervisor: Beate Sick
  • Zhiwei Dou, 2021
    Analysis of Multiple Replication Studies,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Deborah Chiavi, 2021
    Estimating Covid 19 under-reporting in Switzerland,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Tran Xuan Thanh Elsener, 2021
    Hyperparameter tuning in linear anchor regression - PDF,  Supervisor: Beate Sick
  • Priska Heinz, 2021
    Evidence from Observational Studies: What is the Role of he Matching Algorithm? - PDF,  Supervisor: Ulrike Held
  • Oliver John, 2021
    Identification of Potential Risk Factors for Back Pain in Horses: An Analysis Using Additive Bayesian Networks - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Christoph Blapp, 2021
    Shift-scale Transformation models,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Manja Elisabeth Deforth, 2020
    Statistical Aspects of Adaptive Pathways in Drug Regulation,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Seraphina Kissling, 2020
    Partially Linear Transformation Models,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Audrey Yeo, 2020
    Clustering analysis of longitudinal data set,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Xijin Chen, 2020
    Sceptical Confidence Interval for Evidential Assessment of Replication Studies,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Samriddhi Buxy, 2020
    Mixed Model for Wound Healing Rates» ,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Natalia Popova, 2020
    Error rates of adaptive power priors - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Samriddhi Buxy, 2020
    Mixed Model for Wound Healing Rates,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Maria-Eleni Syleouni, 2020
    Use of Historical Data as a Prognostic Score in the Randomized Controlled Trial Design,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Uriah Daugaard, 2020
    Analysis of Behaviors Affecting Predation Success in a Ciliate Predator-Prey System,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Chiara Vanetta, 2020
    The Survivor Average Causal Effect for Outcomes Truncated by Death in RCTs - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Lucas Heinrich Kook, 2020
    Regularized Transformation Models,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Eleftheria Michalopoulou, 2019
    Modeling Competing Risks in Childhood Leukaemia: an Overview and application including a time-dependent exposure,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Sandar Felicity Lim, 2019
    Dynamic network analysis on social behavior of wild house mice - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Senait Tekle, 2019
    Frailty models for right and interval censored disease-free survival in the German CAO / ARO / AIO-04 study: A comparison of R, Stata and SAS implementations ,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Michael Hediger, 2019
    Urn Models: Towards Applications in Biology - PDF,  Supervisor: Jean Bertoin
  • Giuachin Kreiliger, 2019
    Statistical Assessment of Publication Bias in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Sandra Siegfried, 2019
    Count Transformation Models,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Natacha Bodenhausen, 2019
    Predicting fungal community composition based on soil properties - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Sascha Stutz, 2019
    Exact Non-Parametric Confidence Intervals for Log-Odd Ratios Consistent with the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Samuel Pawel, 2019
    Predictive Evaluation of Replication Studies - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Bálint Tamási, 2019
    Transformation models for correlated observations using "Template Model Builder" - PDF,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Peter Meili, 2019
    Random Forests for Estimation of Heterogenous Treatment Effects from Observational Data: An Empirical Comparison of Generalized Random Forests and Transformation Forests - PDF,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Charlotte Micheloud, 2019
    Sample Size Calculation for Replication Studies - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Sonja Hartnack, 2019
    Confidence, prediction and tolerance intervals in classical and Bayesian settings - PDF,  Supervisor: Malgorzata Roos
  • Silvano Sele, 2018
    The variable importance metric LMG applied to Bayesian linear regression models - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Eleftherios Papagiannoulis, 2018
    Validation of discrete time-to-event models,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Tasnim Hamza, 2018
    Analysis of Credibility for Non-Significant Effects - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Silvia Panunzi, 2018
    Modeling the association between eGFR and survival in kidney research - PDF,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Angelo Duò, 2018
    Comparison of clustering methods for single-cell RNA sequencing data - PDF,  Supervisor: Mark D. Robinson
  • Laura Barras, 2018
    Infectious Disease Forecasting: Using Ensemble Models to Improve Predictions - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Tea Isler, 2018
    Small sample considerations for anthelmintic resistance tests - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Ke Li, 2018
    Optimism-corrected Treatment Effect Estimates in Subgroups Displayed in Forest Plots for Time-to-event Outcomes - PDF,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Amr Abduo Elsayed Elriedy, 2017
    A comparison between isoforms clustering methods for PacBio sequencing data and the development of a unique clustering pipeline,  Supervisor: Mark D. Robinson
  • Christos Polysopoulos, 2017
    Cardiac Surgery and Blood Transfusion Products. What Does Really Matter? - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Roman Flury, 2017
    Multiresolution Decomposition of Incomplete Random Signals - A Statistical Application of Sparse Matrix Calculus - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Lisa Herzog, 2017
    Image based classification using Convolutional Neural Networks for stroke detection,  Supervisor: Beate Sick
  • Marco Reto Schleiniger, 2017
    Stan implementation of a parametric bootstrapping procedure for additive Bayesian network analysis,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Megan April Payne, 2017
    Likelihood-based Booting in Transformation Models,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Kelly Reeve, 2017
    Spatio-temporal forecasting for infectious disease count data - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Servan Grüninger, 2017
    Does the Blue Bird Get the Flu? - Using Twitter for Flu Surveillance - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Verena Steffen, 2017
    Transformation Forests for Right-Censored Data,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Andrea Meier, 2017
    Risk factor study of pododermatitis in rabbits using additive Bayesian networks - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Thimo Schuster, 2017
    mrbsizerR - Scale space multiresolution analysis in R - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Marco Kaufmann, 2017
    Mediation analysis of the effect of occupational UGDF exposure on mortality mediated through the lung,  Supervisor: Milo Puhan
  • Christian Thomas Benedikt Müller, 2017
    The Linear Transformation Model under Test,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Zhongxing Zhang, 2016
    Residual Analysis for Longitudinal Data,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Yuchen Ling, 2016
    Meta-Analytic-Predictive Priors Using Historical Control Information with the Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Muriel Lynnea Buri, 2016
    Parametric Bootstrap Inference for Transformation Models - PDF,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Burak Kürsad Günhan, 2016
    Network meta-analysis with integrated nested Laplace approximations - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Gilles Kratzer, 2015
    Simulation based inference in epidemic models - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Carlos Ochoa Pereira, 2015
    Novel semiparametric estimation method for the analysis of zero-inflated data: an application to the young forest records of the Swiss NFI 3,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Gabrielle Elaine Moser, 2014
    Spatial Aspects of Forest Monitoring Data and Surface Estimation: An Analysis of the Swiss NFI,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Monika Hebeisen, 2014
    Estimation from Interval-censored Time-to-event Data: Method Comparison by Simulation based on Gallium Study for Follicular Lymphoma - PDF,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Sabine Güsewell, 2014
    Phenological responses to changing temperatures: representativeness and precision of results from the Swiss Phenological Network,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Jipcy Carolina Amador Sulbaran, 2014
    Disease Progression and Survival in ALS Patients,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Sarah Thommen, 2014
    Statistical monitoring of condemnation rates from Swiss slaughterhouses - PDF,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Katarina Matthes, 2014
    A comparison of count-based and assembly-based methods for differential splice detection,  Supervisor: Mark D. Robinson
  • Bledar Baholli, 2014
    Reproduzierbarkeit von Überlebenszeitanalysen mittels rekursivem Partitionieren,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Lukas Bütikofer, 2014
    Influence of ungulate browsing on tree regeneration,  Supervisor: Torsten Hothorn
  • Ruizhu Huang, 2014
    Evaluation of CD4 and CD8 as progression markers for untreated and treated HIV-I infection,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Isaac Gravestock, 2014
    Bayesian Tree Models, Priors and Posterior Approximations,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Maria Sereina Graber, 2013
    Phylogenetic comparative methods for discrete responses in evolutionary biology - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Sih-Jing Liao, 2013
    Fractional polynomials with test-based Bayes factors,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Florian Gerber, 2013
    MSc thesis (Biostatistics, University of Zurich, 2013): Disease mapping with the Besag-York-Mollié model applied to a cancer and a worm infections dataset,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer
  • Andrea Malaguerra, 2013
    Bayesian variable selection based on test statistics,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Almut Scherer, 2012
    Treatment Response to Tumor Necrosis Factor-a Inhibiting Substances in Axial Spondyloarthritis Patients: Adjustment for Baseline Differences in the Analysis of Longitudinal Observational Data,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Parvinder Rajesh Singh, 2012
    A comparison of bayesian and frequentist inference for cox regression models with random effects,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Rafael Sauter, 2011
    Markov Models for Multi-State Smoking Cessation Data,  Supervisor: Leonhard Held
  • Rebekka Schibli, 2011
    Spatio-temporal homogeneity of a satellite-derived global radiation climatology - PDF,  Supervisor: Reinhard Furrer